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Relstionship Model
Billing Models
      We are a solution company who offer a flexible product range at very competitive prices. Our highly skilled and experienced team can help you build the most complete and cost effect solution for your business, timescales and budget.

We are specializing in Design & Documentation activities for any industry and Penguin Commercials Ltd,is a leader in providing design documentation service. We bring a unique ,industry proven approach to building powerful business solutions for our client-partners. We create and deliver dependable & innovative solutions that enable our customers to build ,deploy,manage,and secure powerful e-business. An extremely talented team drives our success in the latest technology by continually breaking the boundaries of conventional processes.

 Our Skilled Areas

  Application Development : We have experienced Contractors who can fit into your team to plug a skills gap, cover a holiday or help   keep   a project on target.
  Web Development : With our professional and brilliant team, we develop a world class website layout design, website production,   website promotion and provide website consultation.
  Contracting and Consultancy
  We can undertake anything from a one day skills transfer to a complete system delivery.
  System Build :We have experienced Contractors who can fit into your team to plug a skills gap, cover a holiday or help keep a project on   target.
  Development : Our Consultants can offer technical know how when designing or developing a new system, migrate or health check an   existing system.

  Health Checks : We also have Project management Experience

   Maintenance : Depending on required skills and contract term we can work to periodic rates (hourly,daily,weekly,monthly) or to a fixed   price.
  We offer an extremely competitive pricing structure and have a very flexible business model, allowing us to tailor our offerings to your   requirements. Course tailoring, delivery on or near your site, low delegate numbers make our pricing even more value for money. Combine   this with our high quality delivery and product range and you have real value for money.