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Relationship Model
Billing Model
1. Software Engineering Techniques and Tools - Based on our experience with software development, Penguin follows a project methodology which embodies the following principles:

• Early UI Delivery / Prototyping
• Frequent Client Feedback
• Live Project Monitoring
• Parallel Quality Management
• Clear Communication Schedule
• Clear Responsibility, Point-of-Contact
• Reasonable Flexibility
• Environment/Usage Scenario Duplication

We religiously follow these programming principles:

• Coding discipline document (including code conventions)
• Configuration Management
• Regular code reviews and walk-troughs
• Algorithm reviews

The systems developed by Penguin are based on one or more of the following core software engineering principles:

• Rational Unified Process / Unified Modeling Language
• Incremental Spiral Development
• Microsoft Solutions Framework
• System Development Life Cycle

2. Initiation - How a project starts. A project is started with certain set of activities that set basic principles in place, the people involved, the work required, and the time available.

Step1: The Project Hand over Meeting
Every project's engineering activity starts with the Project Hand-over Meeting. This marks the beginning of the development process, and is attended by Marketing, the Project Lead and the Quality Lead. Business relationship and payment details would have been worked out before this meeting.

Step 2: The Project Invitation email
Subsequent to the meeting, the client is sent a Project Invitation e-mail listing the Project Lead, Quality Lead and Relationship Manager. The Project Lead is the primary contact point, and responsible for the over-all project. Clients may escalate issues to the Relationship Manager when they find the need.

Step 3: The Specifications Sign-off
Thereafter, the Project Lead performs Gap Analysis and Specs Clarification. Skills and expertise required are identified, and knowledge areas listed. The Project Lead draws the client to clarify and sign-off on at least 80% of requirements. Some areas may be left flexible
on purpose.

Step 4: The Early Project Activities
The early Project Activities would involve

• Producing a UI Prototype
• Architecture/Design Documents
• Database Design
• Sub-Systems identification
• Team Building
• Quality Planning
• Stage Delivery Planning

The Stage Delivery Plan identifies Stages, Stage Sequencing, Stage Manpower planning and Stage Milestones. Client milestones are married into the Stage Plan, and the Stage Plan is sent to the client.