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Billing Models
    Project based relationship
 They are particularly appropriate for one-time development of an application within a clearly defined time-window. An project is considered completed after the application has been accepted and implemented at the customer's location. As your Project development partner, Penguin makes available all the resources required for successful completion of your project. Typical software projects take between two months to two years for completion. Most of these projects vary between one Person-Year to fifty Person-Years in size.

   The Extended Development Centre
 In this case, we have a team working for you as a physical extension of your own Information Services department. We select, train and retain highly skilled professionals, replicate your
  hardware and software infrastructure and effectively manage these resources for an undefined number of projects over an agreed period of time. As a customer, you focus on your business while we undertake full responsibility for the development and deployment of Information Systems solutions, by managing human resources, hardware, software and communication infrastructure, project management, quality assurance etc. These contracts are generally for periods of 1 year and more.
Sub-contracting Partner for Software Services Companies
       At Penguin, we have the people and the infrastructure to deliver quality projects at low costs. In sub-contracting relationships, Penguin does not usually interact with the user organization unless specifically requested by our partner. Our partner does the business system study and also manages the client relationship; we simply provide world-class development support.
Product Co-Development
       This model is meant for software product/sub-system development. Penguin shares the risks of developing and marketing the product along with the partner with whom we have a long-term relationship. Penguin is ready to invest in the Product Development and jointly own the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) along with our partner.
Marketing Relationship
        Penguin has tie-ups with marketing companies who provide us customer leads and projects. Our marketing partner receives percentage-based commissions depending on the size and value of business won. Penguin deals directly with the client after project initiation.
Critical Success Factors
• Unambiguous understanding of customer's expectations
• Clear communication and collaboration between customer and the Penguin development team
• Thorough business process knowledge transfer from customer to Penguin
• Reliable data-com link
• Clear prioritization of requests by customer
• Single customer representative to prioritize requests